Thursday, March 11, 2010

IN WHICH our heroine makes an attempt at art

In my attempt to turn my house into "decently cool college pad" to "vintage and fun adult home," I've been trying to move away from band and movie posters and toward collecting art--pieces that speak to me and reflect my sense of humor, values, and how guests feel in my home. Working for an arts organization has been a really great part of that transition, and has introduced me to a million artists and perspectives that I wouldn't know otherwise.

Clearly, I don't have the budget to get anything super impressive, so I've been scouring the internet and local artists for prints and small pieces. I was lucky enough to pick up the piece I mentioned in this post, and I spend hours going through 20x200 and Etsy.
And then I found this--and, of course, it's out of stock everywhere I look. But because I'm determined, and relatively crafty, I rounded up the boyfriend and we riffed on the idea:


I only have two "process" pictures, because it wasn't until I was almost done that the boyfriend reminded me that I wanted to blog about it. ... Oops.
But, here's a brief rundown of what we did:
  • Create a stencil by printing out the quote and cutting out the letters with an X-acto knife. The font we used was Captain Howdy (the same one used on my banner--download for free here), in 250 point font (Good was in 275)
  • We watered down the aqua paint and then used a dry, foam brush to drag it across about a 1/3 of the canvas
  • Let the paint dry
  • Tape down the stencil to the canvas using double stick tape
  • Using a foam brush, almost sponge the paint into the stencil, come back over in a brushing motion to remove the sponge texture
  • Let the paint dry, and paint the heart
Here's the finished product:
Cute, right? The boyfriend and I are going to hang it in our bedroom, I'm just not sure where yet.

It was a pretty simple project, but making our own stencil was a pain. Cutting out all those letters sucked pretty bad, but I'm pretty sure it would have sucked worse to try and do a whole little quote using the pre-made stencils from the craft store.

The canvas came in a pack of two, so I still have one left, but I'm waiting for inspiration to strike before I get my art on again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IN WHICH our heroine bursts from the seams

I made this for dinner.

I'm not taking pictures or re-posting the recipe because I am too full. Gina's pictures and instructions are more than adequate. Besides, let's not lie--her pictures are prettier than mine would be.

I will say that it is delicious and a big hit with my roommates. I will also say that I am uncomfortably full.

You should make this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

IN WHICH we discuss color obsessions

In case you haven't guessed, I'm just the tiniest bit neurotic. And a little bit obsessive. Just a bit.

On top of making endless lists and color-coding my calendar, I find myself going through different phases where I am unexplicably drawn to certain colors. A few winters ago, it was eggplant. I bought a purse, a long coat, a pair of really cute little flats. I have more mustard accessories than I care to admit. Right now, that color is a dark teal:

Dress, Forever 21 (Seriously, guys. Have you seen their new Boutique collection? TO DIE FOR.)
Blazer, Gap, thrifted from Sunset Clothing Exchange
Purse & Moccasins, Old Navy (50%!)

I also bought this shirt, which isn't in the picture because it's in the laundry. 

I picked up on my fashion-related color obsession a few years ago, so I know how to deal with it--identify the problem, and try to buy new pieces that will coordinate well with it. And neutrals. I always have to force myself to wear neutrals, because, apparently, some would say that mustard doesn't match everything. (Fools)

However, a few days ago, I realized that my color obsession extends to housewares, too. You know what my color-for-home obsession at the moment?

Vintage velvet swivel easy chair / rocker, Goodwill. Yeah, it's pretty much the coolest chair ever. Way to go, me.


Uh, yeah, like anything goes with that. 

Remember when I found out about the Shakespeare Billys? You know which one I found myself lingering over? The orange one. I just bought a piece of art from my work's silent auction:

Photo via the artist, Jon Arvizu

And I'm totally lusting over this piece from Cozy Little Cave:

$25 on Etsy

I need help. If left to my own devices, my house is going to look like a Chester the Cheetah threw up.

Do you find yourself being drawn to certain colors frequently, to--dare I say--excess? How do you deal with the impulse to throw a certain color all over your house?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

IN WHICH our prodigal heroine returns


I'm back! For the most part. My real life is really busy, and that's awesome, but I missed writing and there have been a million and a half really exciting, fabulous things that are going on in the world, like Liberty of London for Target. WHAT? SERIOUSLY AWESOME.

And I totally missed the limited-edition Billy J√ĄDER from Ikea.

Photo via Home Shopping Spy  

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the Billy system, Ikea released the bookcase covered in graffiti-style SHAKESPEARE QUOTES. I had no idea they even existed until I stumbled into Ikea two nights ago to help a friend pick out lighting. 

Take a moment to nerd out with me.

I want one SO BAD. I just told myself that I wouldn't make any furniture purchases till this fall--my lease is up in August, and I won't be renewing it. Less stuff to move, you dig?

Maybe I could just buy one and keep it in the box until I get to my new space?

(P.S. I'm going to try really hard to get a new "real" post up by tomorrow)