Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IN WHICH we discuss hometown pride and shame

Although I'm pretty embarrassed to be an Arizonan right now, I really, really love Phoenix. I love the heat, the mid-century architecture, the challenge of reaching past strip malls to find locally owned businesses and restaurants. I love that I'm never more than a short road trip from the desert, the mountains, the oceans, or a completely different country. I love that Phoenix is young and that I have the opportunity to build a community. I love that I can get the amazing burritos 24 hours a day. 

I know I can't be the only one.

I just wish someone more talented than I would make a Phoenix poster, like one of these:
Or the fabulous Ork Posters! (D.C.! Le sigh.)

So... can someone get on making me a Phoenix poster right quick? Thanks. 

(I had a bit of a blog epiphany the other day. I thought about posting said (rambling) epiphany, but that's not important. What really just needs to be said is that I started this blog so I could write, and I wasn't writing because I didn't think what I wanted to say fit in, and that I didn't do anything "cool" enough to write about. Pardon me, but that is clearly twisted logic. So things might change. Who knows?)

This weekend the boyfriend and I are taking a road trip to Payson and the Tonto National Forest. I'm pretty excited. I will take pictures! They will be poor quality. 

Also, I bought a romper? And I like it, but I'm pretty sure it's terrible.

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