Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IN WHICH our heroine discusses tradition

Tuesdays are Burrito Night.

It's a fun little tradition I stole from Alicia at bread & honey. It started this summer when I was just learning how to be broke (before I became an expert as a professional volunteer), and the cheapness of burritos were very appealing. Also, I'm really sappy, and I liked the idea sitting down with my boyfriend every night and building traditions together.

Burrito Night started with just me and the boyfriend, but it slowly grew to include our three other roommates and a group of four or five friends who show up when they can. When we have the extra time, we make a special trip down to one of the local Mexican grocery stores (reason eleven-million Arizona is awesome) and we'll grab freshly made tortillas or salsa. The roommates and I split the cost of tortillas, beans, rice, cheese, and an array of hot sauces:

We take hot sauce very seriously in this house.

Friends bring something that can be served alongside or inside of a burrito: beer, guac, carne asada if you really like me. It keeps things interesting. During dinner, we all pile into the living room and watch a movie or Law & Order: SVU re-runs on cable.

I don't have recipes to post, because we don't do anything fancy: I make a few cups of rice, open a couple cans of beans, and let people make whatever concoctions they will:


Burrito Night is simple. It requires minimal prep and almost no money, but at the end of the night, you have a living room full of satisfied friends, and I can't think of anything better than that. 

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