Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer uniform

Currently loving the "Women of Mad Men" style posts on Tom & Lorenzo, and obsessing over Midge. She's a minor character in Season 1, and I didn't pay that much attention to her when I watched the show initially. I mean, how could you, when there is so much delicious Betty and Joan to drink up?


However, after reading these posts, I can't help but DESPERATELY need well tailored, high-waisted, black cigarette pants and a little bohemian half shirt. I imagine rocking the half-shirt with a pair of cut-offs and huaraches, serving margaritas on my front porch to friends.

I have tried Googling "cute boho half shirt" with no luck. If someone finds one, let me know. I'm about 98% sure this shirt and cut-offs combo would replace my romper (!) as my go-to summer staple, so really, I'd be doing the world a favor by finding one.

On an unrelated note, the days are becoming unbearable (110 last weekend) but I love the hot summer nights. The air is warm and you start to treasure the breeze. It makes me itchy for all-night conversations with old friends, driving out into the desert until I can see stars, cold drinks and mixtapes. I can't wait for monsoon season to start. Warm thunderstorms are the best part of living in the desert.

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