Thursday, March 4, 2010

IN WHICH we discuss color obsessions

In case you haven't guessed, I'm just the tiniest bit neurotic. And a little bit obsessive. Just a bit.

On top of making endless lists and color-coding my calendar, I find myself going through different phases where I am unexplicably drawn to certain colors. A few winters ago, it was eggplant. I bought a purse, a long coat, a pair of really cute little flats. I have more mustard accessories than I care to admit. Right now, that color is a dark teal:

Dress, Forever 21 (Seriously, guys. Have you seen their new Boutique collection? TO DIE FOR.)
Blazer, Gap, thrifted from Sunset Clothing Exchange
Purse & Moccasins, Old Navy (50%!)

I also bought this shirt, which isn't in the picture because it's in the laundry. 

I picked up on my fashion-related color obsession a few years ago, so I know how to deal with it--identify the problem, and try to buy new pieces that will coordinate well with it. And neutrals. I always have to force myself to wear neutrals, because, apparently, some would say that mustard doesn't match everything. (Fools)

However, a few days ago, I realized that my color obsession extends to housewares, too. You know what my color-for-home obsession at the moment?

Vintage velvet swivel easy chair / rocker, Goodwill. Yeah, it's pretty much the coolest chair ever. Way to go, me.


Uh, yeah, like anything goes with that. 

Remember when I found out about the Shakespeare Billys? You know which one I found myself lingering over? The orange one. I just bought a piece of art from my work's silent auction:

Photo via the artist, Jon Arvizu

And I'm totally lusting over this piece from Cozy Little Cave:

$25 on Etsy

I need help. If left to my own devices, my house is going to look like a Chester the Cheetah threw up.

Do you find yourself being drawn to certain colors frequently, to--dare I say--excess? How do you deal with the impulse to throw a certain color all over your house?

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  1. I'm so glad you like my work- lovely blog btw!! :P

    and I can totally relate to color obsessions! I'm OBSESSED with yellow, green, and chartreuse. Pretty much anything I buy these days is one of the three! ;)